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Pinellas Libertarians are working independently to get things done!

Share your work on petitition Initiatives, contacting legislators, working on state initiative amendments, and outreach. Join site, send your photo or win story!

  LATEST NEWS...Petitions/initiatives...  

  • Citizen Budget-WIN
  • Homeless Help-WIN
  • No Park Fee Rise-WIN
  • County Legislature Dialogue
  • Medical Marihuana
  • 20K literature distribution
  • Homestead & Tax Cut Amendments-WIN
  • Fair Districts Amendments-WIN
  • Election Transparency-WIN


Pinellas is the oldest Libertarian activism group of its kind in the US, started in 1969. Libertarians present voluntary and choice-based solutions. Local focus has been piloting policy approaches, encouraging cross-party work, and in recent years developing and networking Libertarian-interested community. We're a private group of mostly non-partisan Libertarian activists starting in 1997 to...

  • Document Libertarian activity in Pinellas, especially work on public petitions & state initiatives
  • Share information on highlights of firsts, success and history, and so
  • Help build the Libertarian and Libertarian-interested community.

We hope that other groups will follow suit to document their own Libertarian local history and growth.

Our site is a work in progress. Send us your photo or story! --R. Kenneth, D. Nolan


Our site has an evolving photo Essay, more photos at Pix, and Blog on main periods.

You can Join the site for occasional news updates and info.

We also link to local non-partisan groups: LIO Book action club, Pinellas Lib community at Facebook (See also their Pinellas Libertarians Portal and on-need member projects such as Freedomworks Radio and DisasterHelp),  common ground non-partisan activist new group for the region at Yahoo.

We have a Twitter archive item newsgroup, plus a Youtube and MySpace we're developing, our Meetup (informal, after the Book meeting in Pinellas to share or get petition progress info), and a few local links. 



Recent Activist Success/Projects:

  • Medical Marihuana (Underway)
  • Homestead Increase and Tax reduction
  • Revision 11 (Ballot Fairness)

Pinellas Libertarians History

  • 1969:Discussion group founded by C. and M. de Lemos and local students meets with local officials, starts group to develop state and national parties and study circles.
  • 1969-1974: Group works for state sunshine, homestead exemption, anti-income tax, initiative and budget balancing laws. In following years creates local SIL and LP chapters and book study groups.
  • 1974-1979: Successful efforts to introduce or protect increasing privatization (e.g. ambulances and taxis), open ballot and government statistics, reduced ballot requirements, slash number of officials for advisory boards, senior rights, and implement high-greenspace policies as local Soil Board abolished.
  • 1979-1984: At cross purposes with local extreme right GOP-controlled or disrupted Libertarian State Libertarian Party (LPF), results in reformation of State and National party over several years  and tradition of distance between Pinellas Libertarians and Libertarian partisan groups. In 1984 under movement founder and visionary M. Gilson all groups set long term plan to ease 3rd party access in Florida under what became Revision 11, emphasize non-partisan and direct democracy work .
  • 1984-2004: Successful campaigns to expand advisory boards, start Pinellas Trail as example of privately funded public program, champion expanded use of State Initiative, Homeschooling and charter/magnet school introduction, and re-privatization. Pinellas Libertarians lead or participate in massive growth of all Libertarian groups, including development in 2002 of Operation Fiull slate which secures rights of third parties by massive electoral involvement. Sadly, and at the advice of National Party founder David Nolan in 2009, after a phone meeting of over 400 participants, local activists sever ties with LPF/USLP after another bout of extreme-right problems and need to carry on other tasks.
  • 2004 on: Pinellas Libertarians community begins as pilot project of Libertarian International Organization to build Pinellas Libertarians and Libertarian-interested community in pilot based on best-practice goals. The effort is hosted by M. Gilson and David Nolan, along with local hosts. By 2010 the group is meeting all goals and hosts international Libertarian observers. The community often drives atate and national progress. Projects include coalitions on increasing the Homestead exemption, Ballot transparency, the Homeless; community projects such as an Adopt-A-Mile and DisasterHelp and Blood Drive programs; and a variety of informational efforts including TV and radio by supporters; and encouraging participation and engagement of non-partisan public office/officials. In 1997 and in 2011 after a review, the Activist Club focus becomes celebrating independent supporter involvement in State initiatives and common ground efforts, and local phone team on problem laws.