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Pinellas & Florida Libertarians A Hit At ISIL

Posted by Pinellas Libertarian Activists on August 26, 2000 at 8:26 AM

"GO, Pinellas!" L-R: Dr. Jim Lark, USA LP Chair; J., Wollstein, SIL Founder; Dr.M. Ruwart , Author;

LIO's MG; V.Miller, ISIL Founder; Dr.R.Stewart, Costa Rican LP Co-Founder (;

M.L. Goutscher, Canada LP Muse; Prof. Hubert Jongen, Europe Co-founder (




Florida activists learned of Costa Rica LP's E-mail strategy, then played an important role at the International

Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL, London, Canada conference. 200 + activists and guests

studied ideas on a Libertarian world agenda and Libertarian success in Costa Rica, Native Reserves, to Somalia and Russia. LPF's Michael "MG" Gilson, discussed LIO findings and the Florida IMP program of member ideas, teams, systems analysis. "A hit with the activists!" said conference facilitator Mary Lou Goutscher, who is developing new Libertarian outreach seminars.


Later, LPF Activist Wayne Harley shared ideas about better team building he and other Florida activists are using. New USA LP National Chair Dr.Jim Lark , who'll be using System ideas to improve LP activist support, praised Florida activists who provided over 600 suggestions in the pioneering State program. Native American activists there joined the movement asking to use the program. And Costa Rican activists, who have elected a Libertarian Senator there and are developing a Libertarian independent area,gave a heartfelt "Arriba, Amigos!" to the LPF. "We don't forget one of our founders was a former LPF Chair, or the bold example of Florida activists," said Movimiento head Dr. Rigoberto Stewart on their behalf.



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